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Blood Biomarkers

Max, your neuro age based on your blood biomarkers is 54.2 yrs.

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  • Your age54.2
About this test

The blood biomarkers test measures the rate of your brain aging based on RNA levels of several dozen of your genes. This test was developed by NeuroAge in postmortem human brain and blood cohorts.


We can tell the RNA levels of important genes in your neurons based on RNA levels of genes in your blood. We have shown that people with 5 years younger NeuroAge based on blood biomarkers these markers are 6X less likely to develop Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease,even if they are high risk genetically.

You can decrease your NeuroAge based on blood biomarkers through exercise and healthy lifestyle improvements.


By taking the blood biomarkers test, we will learn invaluable insights about which of the therapeutics we are developing will work best for you if you do start to develop a neurodegenerative condition.

Thank you for contributing to creating better therapeutics for neuro diseases.


This report does not diagnose any disease. If you are concerned about your memory, we recommended that your seek medical advice from a healthcare professional.